Happy Tuesday ladies!
Those of you who already follow me on snapchat will have seen that I went to visit Pippa’s Poco Pop up on Saturday and I did a quick review of these on Sunday evening.
For my day out in Dublin, I went for a cosy look made up of a grey faux fur from So Sue by SJ (Here), a white shirt from Zara which I got awhile back, my new favourite brand of jeans (Here) & (Here), more information to come, these funky grey gathered shoes from Zara (Here) and grey shopper from VbyVery at Littlewoods.
As I explained on my snapchat the other day, I have come across the most perfect fitting jeans ever, called Pieszak. I am not usually a fan of jeans in general, mainly due to the fact that I have a little bum and hadn’t found a pair that fitted perfectly… Well until now!
Pieszak takes its name from the Danish Designer Henriette Pieszak who founded the brand in 2007. Henriette Pieszak was educated as a production engineer within the Danish textile industry and has more than 25years experience in fashion. For three years Hanriette lived and worked in Italy, specialising in every detail of her deepest passion – jean manufacturing. She continues to try on every single style in the design process as she feels that changing the smallest detail can make a difference between a woman looking good and looking fabulous.
And I couldn’t agree more! These jeans don’t gape, there is just the right amount of stretch in them, they are mid to high rise and just ultimately make your bum and legs look fantastic!
There are so many  different styles to suit from skinny, baggy, regular and flare. Have a look and see what you think. I picked up my pair of black Paulina’s, in Lips & P’s in Naas.  You can also purchase online and even customise your own pair! What more could a girl want… Maybe the perfect shoes too 🙂
Must dash,
Rebecca Rose Xx

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