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How is it Monday again?! I hope you all had a nice Easter. The time is absolutely flying by but I had the most amazing two weeks off from teaching. I had the opportunity to do everything fashion related, including having time to shoot some looks.

I hope you like this one, it’s something a little out there but very much so a trend which I think you will be seeing lots more of.

Today fishnets have become so mainstream they regularly feature in Designer runway shows. Although until recently it has been quite some time since we have seen them in a modern fashion context!

Well now they are back with a bang along with my favourite, the Mom jeans which too are totally having a moment right now especially worn with your fishnets.

Here are three key ways in which you can pull off yours.
1.   Wear fishnet socks. I LOVE these as you can see in my above blog post! They are the perfect quirky and cool yet a dramatic detail to an otherwise normal outfit and can be worn with heels, trainers and brogues.
2.   Wear fishnets underneath ripped jeans. I am super excited to try this next trend. It’s definitely a cool look, sort of like urban street style and adds a touch of uniqueness to any outfit.
3.   Let your fishnets’ waistband peak from under your mom jeans and crop top. This is the massive trend involving fishnets. Easy to do, but obviously not for everybody but definitely adds a touch of sex appeal to your look.

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