Hey girlies,

So some of you may or (may not have noticed) that I have been slightly MIA and to be honest it is simply down to time. Sometimes life just takes over and I find it more and more difficult to find the time to actually sit down and write a blog post.

Now that I am back teaching three days, styling for Athlone Town Centre, Jervis Shopping Centre, freelance styling, doing my TV fashion slots and collaborating with many companies, while still trying to keep my social media sites alive with new content is becoming more and more difficult. This is not a complaint because of course it’s great to be busy but sometimes I feel the pressure of trying to find time to shoot looks with my photographer and write blog posts quite hard. So I shot this look with my sister in between clients and events in the record the time of fifteen minutes!!

A lot of positives has happened over the Summer which I never even really got around telling you about, some were being asked to judge at the Galway Races (I really loved this and right in my comfort zone). Becoming a new stylist with Weekend AM – Virgin Media to most recently becoming a finalist in the Beauty Blog Awards for ‘ Best Fashion Influencer’ which might I add, I’m still in shock!! The awards night is Thursday and I just picked up my outfit this evening, which I’m looking forward to showing you guys. It would also be fantastic if you could pop over and give me one last vote as the lines close tomorrow. Ill attach the link if you would like to vote. (Vote Here).

I also recently collaborated with The Marshes shopping Centre on the ‘Marshes Haul of Fame’, this was so much fun! Myself and a few other influencer’s were gifted with some vouchers to spend in the centre and then to report back to all our lovely followers with what we found! I must say there were so many fabulous pieces and I could have shopped all day! I posted lots of the outfits that caught my eye over on my instagram highlights so you can pop over there and have a look, you will find them in my ‘Fashion’ highlight- https://www.instagram.com/rebecca_rose_stylist/


I managed to dwindle my choices down, which might I add wasn’t particularly easy! But here is my final look below, I hope you like it.

I’m actually going to London in the middle of October and was going to save my outfit until then but to be honest I just couldn’t wait to show you! And anyway there’s no reason why I can’t wear and post it again on the grid.. right?!

The entire look is so very Autumnal and great mix and match pieces. All items are from River Island and available in the Marshes Shopping Centre.

Anyway gals I must dash, as I have to go and get ready for school tomorrow.

Lots of Love,

Rebecca Rose Xx 


Shop the Look

Faux Fur Collared Coat – (Here)

Black Turtleneck – (Here)

Skirt -(Here)

Boots -(Here)


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