Rebecca Rose, Stylist

By Rebecca Quigley

About Rebecca Rose

Welcome to my world of fashion! My name is Rebecca Rose Quigley. I am a 30 year old fashion enthusiast from County Monaghan. I am a confident, passionate, self-motivated young woman with an extraordinary drive to learn and grow. Both my degree and work experience have instilled within me a passion to help others be the best they can be. I have a positive attitude and a contagious love for life. I value creativity and innovation. In the rapidly changing fashion world, I am able to readily adapt, embrace what’s new and stay current.

I received my BSc in Health and Fitness from the University of Liverpool. Over the last number of years I have travelled to London, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and many parts of Europe and America where I was exposed to a variety of fashion trends. Although my experiences thus far have been focused around Youthwork and Teaching, It is my dream to work within the fashion industry. I believe I have a real gift for styling and a knack for blogging. My desire is to share these talents with all of you.

Once I recognised that “EVERYTHING FASHION IS MY PASSION,” I pursued a course of study in personal styling at the Image Academy in Dublin, which I completed in April 2015. After which I received employment providing styling advice/consultations for weddings, birthdays and work related events. Another exciting event where I get to show off my stuff is at Dublin Fashion Festival in September 2015. This was such an exciting opportunity because I was right in the middle of all the fashion action. What is more I have been lucky enough to have gained employment alongside Shirley Lane in Blanchardstown Centre. This has been an invaluable experience and i am enjoying every single minute of it!

Your personal style is so much more than just the outfit that you pick. What you wear on the outside directly relates to how you feel on the inside. By allowing me to introduce you to the world of fashion and help you discover your inner fashionista, I believe that together we can inspire you to grow in confidence, self-esteem and motivation, ultimately becoming the best you that you can be.

Thanks for your interest in my blog and in me! Let’s have fun together on this fashion journey.

Stylishly yours,

Rebecca Rose Xx

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